• client: Business Promotion Inc
  • categories: Fullsite, Layout, Logo, Social
  • I created this design for a website that was for artists to be heard and found by producers and agents. I created the design using photoshop. The logo was also created and designed by me. Due to unfortunate circumstances the site had to be built under different database and structure so the end website is a little different from the design shown here.

Star Draft Music
  • client: Personal
  • categories: Drawing, Personal
  • client: Personal
  • categories: Illustration, Personal, Print
  • This picture was inspired by the description of a friends perfect day. It was created using dozens of photographs merged together to create an original composition.

The End of a Perfect Day
  • client: Business Promotion Inc.
  • categories: Dental, Fullsite, Wordpress
Smile Dental Studio
  • client: Personal
  • categories:
  • This magazine cover was created as a project for school at the Art Institute. The project was to create a magazine layout using techniques we had learned in my typography class. It is the official unofficial magazine for GreenOrange Studios.

GreenOrange Magazine
  • client: Personal
  • categories: Illustration, Personal, Print
  • Was made in photoshop. Funny thing about the piece is the original document was lost and now I can never go back and edit the picture.

Super Nova
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