• client: Business Promotion Inc.
  • categories: Dental, Fullsite, Wordpress
Smile Dental Studio
  • client: Personal
  • categories: Illustration, Personal, Print
  • I created this scene using many different pictures and combining them to create an original piece of work. I placed the images on a canvas and merged them together using brushes and filters and blending options in Photoshop. Estimated time on piece was about 8 hours.

Sunset Lake
  • client: Personal
  • categories: Drawing, Personal
  • client: Artworks Worldwide
  • categories: Ecommerce, Fullsite, Layout, NOPCommerce
Dowdle Folk Art.com
  • client:
  • categories: Layout, Personal
  • This was a really quick website i did for a presentation. The presentation was on health and safety in the workplace. It was mostly done with jQuery. http://brennanthompson.com/OSHA/

OSHA Project
  • client: Personal
  • categories: Illustration, Personal, Print
  • Was made in photoshop. Funny thing about the piece is the original document was lost and now I can never go back and edit the picture.

Super Nova
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