• client: Personal
  • categories: Illustration, Personal, Print
  • client: Business Promotion Inc
  • categories: Fullsite, Layout, Logo, Social
  • I created this design for a website that was for artists to be heard and found by producers and agents. I created the design using photoshop. The logo was also created and designed by me. Due to unfortunate circumstances the site had to be built under different database and structure so the end website is a little different from the design shown here.

Star Draft Music
  • client: Personal
  • categories: Drawing, Personal
  • Drawing was inspired by a scripture found in the bible. Isaiah 40:8. “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.”

Grass Withereth
  • client:
  • categories: Layout, Personal
  • This was a really quick website i did for a presentation. The presentation was on health and safety in the workplace. It was mostly done with jQuery. http://brennanthompson.com/OSHA/

OSHA Project
  • client: Business Promotion Inc
  • categories:
  • I Want Kosher’s design was created by myself along with all the programming. It required three custom plugins in which i developed and implemented. This project was rather lengthy. I also designed and created the I Want Kosher Logo.

I Want Kosher
  • client: Personal
  • categories: Illustration, Personal, Print
  • Create in Photoshop with brushes and a few filters. Like another piece similar to this one in my portfolio, I misplaced the original .psd so I cannot ever edit it again.

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